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Breaking barriers.

We make ownership of blockchain-based assets accessible to mass and emerging affluents in Southeast Asia. We believe that these assets and the blockchain technology that powers behind it can reshape the future.

  • Secure User's private key is stored in device's secure enclave.

  • Fast, easy, & intuitive One of our key service offerings is a great user experience which is important for mass adoption.

  • Regulatory compliant We work with regulatory bodies to ensure building a sustainable future for the old and new economy.

Team & Co-Founders

A team of startup veterans, entrepreneurs, and engineers have come together to create the Ommer platform.

TK Wong



Founder on numerous groundbreaking startups in Singapore since 1994. Served on boards of Raffles, Mediacorp, IDA, SPRING, and Sentosa. Graduated MIT with a B.S. Computer Science & Engineering in 1989.

JD Lee



A serial entrepreneur since 2007. Raised US$20M from Rakuten Ventures in 2014 with Pocketmath, also a co-founder and CEO. Graduated University of Texas at Austin with B.A. Economics in 2005.

Simon Gerovich

Trading Expert


Founder & Chairman of Red Planets Hotels, with a total of 25 hotels and additional 12 under development across Asia. A former Goldman Sachs derivatives trader. Studied Applied Math at Harvard University.

Tomas Libal

Blockchain Engineer

LinkedIn LinkedIn keybase

Formerly a senior software engineer working on Pocketmath's real-time bidding platform. Studied at Tesside University before completing a Graduate Certificate in Math from Birkbeck, University of London.

Tors Dalid

Software Engineer

LinkedIn Github keybase

Part of JD's team since 2011. A full-stack engineer who brought the initial version of Pocketmath's end-user experience from prototype to production. Graduated BS in Computer Science from the University of the Philippines.

Tommy Sim

Emerging Markets Expert


A successful serial entrepreneur with regional business in pharmaceuticals, trading, education & training, and luxury resorts. Currently in the process of launching a retail bank in Cambodia.

Zhiwei Ng



A co-founder with JD’s first startup in 2007. Instrumental in the scaling up of operational processes in his subsequent startups, including Pocketmath. Received a BSc Mathematics from SIM University (now SUSS).

Darren Lee

Business Lead


A serial entrepreneur, having worked collaboratively with JD since 2007. Most recently responsible for business development and supply relationships at Pocketmath. Graduated from the MBA program at IE Business School.

Cris Factolerin

Software Engineer

LinkedIn Github

JD’s first engineering hire in 2009. A full-stack software engineer that worked on every part of Pocketmath’s platform. A Department of Science and Technology Scholar with a B.S. Computer Science from the University of San Jose Recoletos.


Lyn Kok

Banking / Strategy


30 years of banking experience across Asia. Formerly President & CEO of Standard Chartered Thailand and M.D. for Standard Chartered China. Graduated from the University of Toronto, Trinity College.

John Lee



Adjunct Professor with Beihua University and Jilin Agricultural Science and Technology University in China. Chair of the Arts Theatre of Singapore and former CEO of Sino-Singapore Jilin Food Zone.

Clarence Guo

Corporate Banking & Finance, Regulatory Compliance


Director at Tzedek Law LLC. His practice focuses on the area of corporate banking and finance, and in the area of financial services regulations.

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